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WoollyWoodlanders, home of imaginative knitting patterns for Sylvanian Families

BOOTS & SOCKS for Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters from £3.50

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Boots & Socks pattern
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Boots give the finishing touch to your outfits!

Sylvanians are not supplied with footwear and these adorable boots and socks give your figurines that touch of Ah!

The purple socks are for beginners and are knitted with regular 4-ply sock yarn and 2mm (UK size 14) needles, found in most stores. The remainder, a challenge for the keen knitter, need 1ply or fine 2ply yarn, or for the yellow boots for the littlest animals, a single strand of embroidery thread; and require 1.5mm or 0.875mm needles, all available from Woolly Woodlanders.

I regret I cannot source 0.85mm needles currently and will supply 1.25mm in the kit instead. Knit with a snug tension and your socks should fit just fine! Sorry! I am contiually searching for these very small sizes in affordable prices.

These boots and socks are sure to delight all collectors, young and mature owners.

Buy this pattern for download in pdf format. Price £3.50

Paypal will give you the link to download your PDF file on payment and I recommend you take a note of the link details for future access, or print the pattern, or choose to buy in booklet or kit format to be posted to your address which Paypal will supply to Woollywoodlanders. If you require this to be send to a different address, perhaps as a present, please give details in the 'Notes' section which Paypal provides.

Current EUVAT regulations for downloaded PDFs are just too complex for me as a sole trader to administer. and I .am asking my non-UK EU customers to please buy the PDF version and then email me for a downloaded PDF which is non-VAT! My apologies.

WoollyWoodlanders, home of imaginative knitting patterns for Sylvanian Families, Boots & Socks

WoollyWoodlanders, home of imaginative knitting patterns for Sylvanian Families

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