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Original knitting patterns for Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters

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WoollyWoodlanders, home of imaginative knitting patterns for Sylvanian Families

Imaginative Knitting Patterns for Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters

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Going to Market – £3.50

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The design is of a full skirted dress, simple in construction and decorated with a second colour forming stripes and borders. The dress is knitted in one piece, with sleeves separately made and sewn in when complete. The design can be made of any thin yarn including laceweight and 1-ply; sock weight would be too heavy. Two buttons fasten the back and tails are accommodated by an open back construction. I have included a pair of pants for underwear.

The costume is a modified English outfit of the late 18th century, and the hat is a voluminous mob cap, large enough to fit over most figurines' ears, (but maybe not the rabbits!) and made of adjustable size by a ribbon. A simple shawl completes the outfit and this is fastened on the chest by a button. To finish the market theme, a little basket is simply constructed by sock-weight yarn in a garter-stitched pattern.

I recently read Samuel Pepys Diary which contains a lot of detail of the fashions of the time and told of the difficulty in keeping clothing neat and fashionable. I started to look at detail of fashions through the ages and discovered this costume, which has become our unofficial national dress. The large mob caps protected the elaborate hairstyles of the day from dust and the breeze. This style of costume continued for the servant class for some many years.

You will need knitting needles size 2mm (old size 14) to complete the wardrobe of clothes.

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